fine art

New Zealand’s Booming Arts

New Zealand’s art industry has reported a boom in sales at auction houses across the country. Auction houses have reported many milestones and records over the past 18 months, including a total annual sales figure reaching $28 million in 2016 for art sales across New Zealand. One of the most impressive sales in the past … Continued
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Hong Kong

Moving to Hong Kong: Top 10 Comfort Foods

Moving to a new country is daunting enough without having to worry about whether or not you can stomach the native cuisine. Hong Kong is often referred to as a place where East meets West, a dynamic mix of traditional Chinese roots and fast paced modern lifestyle. The social norm in the city is to … Continued
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housewarming party

Relocating Overseas with Children

Six challenges when relocating overseas with children Moving with children is not an easy task. The process is riddled with challenges and these escalate quickly when relocating overseas. With the pressures of your employer and those of your family, it can be difficult to take to the time to think about how to deal with … Continued
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Things to Consider when Moving Home

So you have gone through the long process of searching and finding a new house, have dealt with your real-estate agent, mortgage broker, lawyers, and have finally settled on your contract and are given the keys to your dream home. Buying a new house is certainly time consuming, stressful and tiring. Anyone who has been … Continued
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packing boxes

Packing Removal Boxes Yourself

In a world where everything costs money, it’s easy to think that DIY is the best option when moving house. Packing your own boxes is something you’ve probably not given too much thought to with everything else associated with moving into a new house or apartment taking up much of your time. But once you … Continued
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packing boxes

Top 10 Packing Tips

Top 10 Packing Tips to Help You When Buying a New House Moving house can be a really exciting time; an opportunity for a fresh start and the beginning of an exciting chapter. While we all know packing takes time, it’s hard to be on top of it as daily life often gets in the … Continued
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Prepping Your Home for Sale

You’ve just put your house on the market and now it’s time to sell. Before you let people through the house or commission professional photographs, there are some easy steps you can take to help you improve the state of your house for prospective buyers. Here are five quick tips to help you prep your … Continued
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The World’s Most Liveable Cities

Planning a move overseas? Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey has remeasured cities around the world, ranking them from the best to the worst cities to live in. Mercer’s index measures cities on a multitude of factors which includes their economic and political environment, infrastructure, public transport, health, recreation, and housing. Here are the top 10 … Continued
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Your New Apartment Checklist

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting time. But in the excitement of the move, it’s easy to forget the essentials you need to make yourself at home in your new abode. To help you remember what you need for your new apartment, we’ve broken down the essentials. Lounge Couch and chairs Coffee table … Continued
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A Removalist who Covers all Bases

At first glance, choosing to move house on your own can seem like the cheapest option. But once you begin to think about the entire process, things start to add up. It often becomes apparent that you require the specialised services of experts in a few different fields, from packing and storage to delivery and … Continued
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