Fine art

How to Store Fine Art in the Family Home

Sometimes having children and pets can have you questioning whether or not you can have nice things in the house, especially fine art and collectable antiques. With the right approach to storage, caring and handling, you can! You don’t have to hide your fine art away any longer, instead, it’s time to display and embrace … Continued
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granny flat

How to Secure Your Rental Property Application

With property supply becoming harder to come by in major cities around the world, securing a rental can mean going up against hundreds of applicants. To add to that, more and more people are being forced to rent for longer thanks to soaring house prices, all of which leads to more competition. Competition for rentals … Continued
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Saving for a House in New Zealand

Buying your first home in New Zealand might seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be for you. Experts recommend saving a 20 per cent deposit, but with average house prices in the country tipping nearly $650,000, that’s a lot of money to put away. In the major cities; Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, first home … Continued
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Open plan office

The Modern Workplace

The traditional workplace is rapidly changing, a shift that is largely a result of evolving technology and younger employees joining the older demographic in the office. The diverging expectations of workplaces and the type of work businesses do has helped to create a more inclusive environment. These modern workplaces have embraces the digital age and … Continued
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save money

Top Tips to Help Save For a New House

You’re ready to make the move and fly the nest but the idea of saving for your first home seems as farfetched as landing a six-figure salary straight out of university. While there’s a lot of questionable advice that tells first home buyers to cut down on the holidays and avocado, there’s some truth to … Continued
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housewarming party

Changing Schools Mid-Year

The decision to relocate the family is a hard one, but there are ways to make the move less stressful for the children. Making a smooth transition between schools is one way to help make the big change more manageable. So, how do you go about making it easier for the kids to handle? Get … Continued
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One Quarter of Real Estate Bosses choose Singapore

Singapore has long been a popular big business destination, and now, research reveals that it’s the number one choice for bosses in the real estate industry. CBRE’s Asia Pacific Occupier Survey 2018 revealed that 45 per cent of real estate executives have major relocation plans for their companies in the next two years, one quarter … Continued
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Is Internal Mobility the New Career Path?

The career path is different for everyone and every industry, but it no longer seems to be a step up the corporate ladder. Previously, employees working in the corporate industry would work to climb up in position, always working to achieve the next level. Employees still have aspirations, but they’re no longer in an upwards … Continued
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Pet Quarantine Matters when Moving to New Zealand

Moving your pet overseas can be a very daunting experience. One of the most effective ways to prepare for international relocation with your pet is to research the conditions and requirements. Countries place their own biosecurity and quarantine laws on the importing of animals to protect and preserve their natural environment and agricultural land from … Continued
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Top 5 Tips to Protect and Preserve Your Dolls

Dolls are a delicate collector’s item that need to be treated and handled with care. If you’re serious about protecting and preserving your dolls, keeping them shut away in the back of a wardrobe isn’t going to cut it. Whether you’re investing in dolls for their monetary value or you have a fondness of them, … Continued
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