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GraceCover – Domestic Valued Inventory Declaration Form

GraceCover – Domestic Lump Sum Declaration Form

GraceCover – International Declaration Form

Just as moving isn’t a day-to-day occurrence, it needs more than just day to day protection. While Grace enjoys one of the lowest claim rates in the industry, we encourage the use of transit protection to ensure your piece of mind. We offer a range of coverage to best protect your belongings in transit and storage.

Transit Protection

At Grace, we understand that it’s the little things that make a house a home. That’s why we handle your belongings with care and have one of the lowest moving claim incident ratios in the industry. 

Despite our dedication to protecting your belongings, every move comes with a risk. No matter how careful we are in wrapping and securing your effects, there are some factors that are out of our control. These include the weather, accidents, vibrations, pressure and movement, things that are unavoidable during transit. 

That’s why we encourage protecting your move or storage so that if anything was to happen, you’re covered. 

International moving

Long distance and international moves involve external agencies, including customs and quarantine staff inspecting your belongings, which provides added risks that fall beyond our teams’ control. Therefore, we strongly advise all our customers take advantage of Grace Removals transit, storage and transit protection coverage when moving longer distances or overseas to safeguard their valuables. 

Here are some questions we’ve been asked by clients regarding transit protection to help you get clarity around the various aspects of our protection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Although Grace takes all necessary precautions to look after your belongings, coverage protects against unforeseen circumstances that may occur during a move.

We cannot give specific advice on what to value, but we recommend covering your items so that they are sufficiently protected. Keep in mind that quoted premiums are based on the information you provide.

We cannot give you specific advice on the value to protect your goods for, as that will depend on the value of your possessions. The basis for valuation should be replacement cost at destination. Should you feel the average values are too restrictive, or do not represent your values, you can compile your own valued list.

We have different transit protection options available but the one you take out depends on you and your requirements. Each option will provide a different level of cover. Read through our Transit protection Program – Grace Cover which summarises what options are available to you and what is included in the cover.

We cannot comment on your home and contents insurance, you will need to speak to your home and contents insurance provider to confirm what they cover.

Our transit protection cover is designed for the moving and storage industry and is tailored to these specific risks.

We require there to be an authorised representative at both the uplift and delivery. For delivery, a representative will need to advise the Grace crew of the placement of furniture and cartons in the new home.

Despite all our efforts, there are factors that fall outside of our control. Other operators may be involved in the process, including quarantine and customs as well as rail, shipping, and airline transport services.

Yes, you do need to pay the excess. A deductible (excess) will apply to this program depending on your selected policy.

Owner Packed Goods: Cover excludes damage arising to owner packed personal belongings. Also excludes missing items from owner packed cartons or packages unless an itemised valued list of the contents of each carton or package is attached to this application form and forwarded to Grace prior to commencement of the transit.

You are encouraged to carry jewellery and furs with you. However, should you elect to include these items in your shipment, please be aware that GraceCover’s responsibility is limited to a combined total of US$5,000 for jewellery (including watches) and furs. Furthermore, these items must be very specifically declared and valued on the application form regardless of whether you select the “Lump Sum Valuation” or the “Itemised Valued Inventory.”

We have benchmarked our premiums to ensure they are competitive within our industry.

Here are some of our features:

Lump Sum insurance – no detailed valued inventory required

  • Computers covered at full replacement value insured, if unable to be repaired
  • Clothing covered at full replacement value
  • Electronic items aren’t treated as valuables, full replacement cover is available.
  • We don’t have a policy charge or applicable fees
  • We can provide a full replacement value on Packed by Owner (PBO) items (subject to the relevant terms and conditions)
  • We can offer additional options that include cover for things like mould and mildew.
  • A dedicated Grace contact will deal with your claim – no 3rd party involvement or delays
  • Your automobile, motorcycle or boat can be included in the Grace Cover protection plan
  • Our plans have options to cover transport charges, and overseas shipping charges for replacement of items that cannot be replaced at destination.

At Grace, we can protect your items on a new for old replacement basis, subject to the declared or maximum values applied.

No. Unlike some of our competitors, we provide you with an all-inclusive premium cover with no hidden charges.

You will need to get in contact with a Grace consultant to amend and extend your cover to accommodate the unplanned storage period.

If you have requested Transit Protection on a Door-to-Door basis, coverage continues through the ordinary course of transit (including any unforeseen shipping delays) until your shipment is delivered and unloaded at your new destination residence. If delays are due to extended storage being requested, you should extend your protection and remit the appropriate charge to keep the plan in effect.

Some removalists have a policy for ‘Restricted Perils’ i.e., fire, flood, collision, overturning of the vehicle. They mistakenly advise their potential clients that they, the clients, are automatically covered.

As a result of this, some insurance companies are including a warranty in such policies stating that they, the insurer, will not respond if the removal company discloses the existence of the policy OR provides at no cost.

Grace Premium cover includes everything covered by our Standard Cover, while also offering

  • Provides mechanical derangement/malfunction cover
  • Provides pairs and sets cover
  • Provides mould and mildew cover

Unfortunately, we cannot accept your application on certain items only, as the protection is unfair against the underwriter, who is providing coverage based on a wide spread of risks associated with household goods. Our premium is based on the spread of risk, so regretfully the premium will increase if only selective items are protected. Your moving consultant can discuss the coverage options and premiums available to you.

There is no obligation for you to take out your removal and storage policy with Grace. However, we have tailor made our transit protection policies for our industry to provide the very best cover available.

Simply fill out the form on our  Contact Us page or give us a call on 0800 472 2369.

If you’re planning a move, ask one of our professional moving consultants about GraceCover and our other options available to protect your belongings during the move.

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