South Australia’s capital city may not get the global recognition that Sydney and Melbourne get, but that doesn’t make it any less enticing. With its laidback lifestyle, Adelaide combines the best of the city with the serenity of the vineyards and the sea. Before you decide to make the move to Adelaide, it’s important to consider the good and the bad that the city can offer you.


Housing prices around the country continue to rise out of reach for many, especially first home buyers and young families. Adelaide offers a reprieve in both the rental market and the housing market with more affordable living options at prices that are much lower and far more manageable than Sydney and Melbourne.

Many know Adelaide as the city of churches, but its rising dining scene and lively arts and cultural scene is transforming the city’s attitude towards fun. There is no lack of galleries, museums or festivals in Adelaide, all of which do their best to provide something for everyone.

Barossa Valley is one of the most acclaimed wineries in Australia and is celebrated around the world. Adelaide claim this in their very own backyard with Barossa Valley located just 60km from the CBD.

Small city
Adelaide is by no means a large city, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Small cities enjoy less traffic, more access to vital services and plenty of parking. There are also many health benefits to living in a less densely populated city, including less pollution.


Finding a job
As a small city, Adelaide’s employment opportunities aren’t as plentiful as its cousins on the eastern seaboard. To ensure success, secure a job opportunity before making the move to the city and ensure you have something lined up.

It’s still a small city
The size of Adelaide makes things are a little sparser. This includes shopping centres and hospitals which may not be close to every suburb. That means you’ll probably have to drive a little further to reach services than you would in a larger city.


If you’re not used to the heat, Adelaide may not be the city for you. The city enjoys warm, dry weather for much of the year with heat waves becoming more and more common in the summer months over Christmas.

Whether you feel ready and prepared to move to Adelaide or you require further information, your Grace Mobility Specialist can lend a hand. At Grace, we understand how daunting relocating to a new city can be, that’s why we go the extra step to help you and your family settle in.