Brisbane River

Thinking of making the move to the sunshine state for a new and exciting job opportunity? Brisbane is the state’s capital, but it might not be the one for you. Here are some of the pros and cons you should weigh up before making the move for a new job.


Warmer weather

Not a fan of the cold? Brisbane’s warmer climate means that the winters are more mild than cities located in the south. The sun shines for the majority of the year and winter is almost non-existent.


Any city that comes with beautiful beaches is a tick in the books. Brisbane is home to a number of beautiful beaches but that’s not all. The city is also home to a man-made beach. Called Streets Beach, the South Bank icon is a sparkling lagoon that attracts tourists and local alike.


Brisbane’s airport serves both domestic and international flights which means that the city is connected on a global and local scale. The airport delivers flights to about 50 domestic locations and almost 30 international destinations.

Housing prices

Brisbane property prices and rents aren’t as expensive as some of the country’s other cities, namely Sydney and Melbourne. As housing prices are lower, the opportunity to live in the heart of the city, closer to work, or to live in a larger property is a reality for more people in more price brackets.


It gets hot

Although the warmer weather is a nice reprieve from the cold of winter, the summer might get a little uncomfortable for those who aren’t used to the heat. There’s heat and then there’s humidity. Prepare to deal with a lot of humidity during the warmer months. The wettest month of the year in Brisbane is February which is during the peak of summer when you probably want to be relaxing beachside.

Keeping time

The lack of daylight savings in Queensland makes the months between October and April very confusing when dealing with the rest of Australia. You might be in line with Sydney and Melbourne geographically, but you’ll still be an hour behind. It also means the summer nights aren’t as long as they are elsewhere in Australia.


Although mosquitoes are all over the country, the ones in Brisbane are able to spread a disease known as Ross River Fever. Protecting yourself from their itchy bites is much more important here as a result.

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