Kiwis Don’t Know Their Neighbours


It seems Kiwis wanting to become Aussies, don’t know the culture as well as one would think.

According to information released to Australian newspaper The Advertiser in Adelaide, only 72.6 per cent of New Zealanders passed the Australian citizenship test. Despite coming from the opposite side of the world, applicants from Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland and Switzerland and France averaged 97 per cent in the test.

In fact, the average score for New Zealanders was below that of applicants from Macedonia, Ethiopia and Vietnam.

The test involves answering questions on Australian culture, history and the political system. Applicants need to answer 15 out of 20 questions, 75 per cent, to pass.

Adelaide University Associate Professor in history and politics, Paul Sendziuk is quoted in the New Zealand Herald as saying Kiwis were probably too laid back when taking the test.

“It is possible that they do not study enough because they feel they can rely on their background knowledge of Australia,” he said.

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