The café capital of Australia is a haven for hipsters, but does the city offer more than a cup of jo to its new residents? If you’re thinking about making the move to Melbourne, consider the advantages and disadvantages before packing your bags.


Sporting frenzy

Many consider Melbourne the sporting capital of the world. The city’s love of sport is no secret, in fact, Melbourne loves its Australian Rules Football or AFL so much that it’s home to 18 teams alone! The city is also host to the annual Australian Open in January and was the first city to host the Olympic Games in Australia.

Attractions and things to do

From the water to the bush, there’s plenty in the way of outdoor activities in Melbourne. It’s also a very cultural city, home to several museums and galleries, and that’s not all. Melbourne is also known for their exciting night life, playing host to large international music and cultural acts and showcasing an array of local talent at festivals and shows all year round.

Layout of the city

Melbourne is one of the easiest cities to navigate thanks to its grid layout and tram system. The city even offers free trams that run throughout the city all day long. The Yarra River winds its way through the city, separating north and south Melbourne with bridges connecting both halves over the water.

Café culture

Melbourne’s cultural diversity is reflected in its palate and as a result, the city is home to several different cuisines that are irresistibly mouth-watering to say the least. Melbournites also love to enjoy their coffee at a funky, hipster-type cafe. Melbourne takes its food (and its coffee) very seriously and is constantly changing their menus to spearhead the latest culinary trends.


The weather

One of the most complained about aspects of the city is its weather. Known for experiencing four seasons in one day, Melbourne is not considered the most climatic of Australia’s capital cities. The unpredictable nature of Melbourne’s weather means you can expect cool and rainy conditions to come over your sunny beach day in a matter of hours.

It’s not cheap

Sydney is known as the most expensive city in Australia, but it’s not alone. Melbourne property prices are ranked among some of the most expensive in the world, followed very closely by the price of rent which is also considerably high.

Remote location

Although Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, behind Sydney, it is still quite a distance away from the rest of the world. Melbournites can expect to pay more for their flights to Europe than those living in Perth thanks to their location.


If you’re moving to Australia to enjoy the sunshine by the beach, you might want to reconsider your decision to move to Melbourne. Melbourne is home to a number of beaches, however, these are not considered as nice as those further north on the eastern coast of the country.

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