Moving & Relocating to Singapore from New Zealand


Grace are your specialist international moving company for moving to Singapore.

We work closely with you in planning and carrying out your customised relocation project. We also provide a number of ancillary services including long term storage, pet transport and home services to take care of all the additional tasks and help make your move a stress-free experience.


This tropically warm yet air conditioned country is buzzing with life and has set the example for many different cultures live together in harmony. Whether checking architectural marvels in Marina Bay, shopping for bargain on Orchard Road, exploring historical districts such as Little India, or setting off on a culinary adventure, there is going to be something in Singapore to whet your appetite for adventure.

Visa and immigration

New Zealand citizens can visit Singapore without a visa for up to 30 days, so long as there is six months of validity left on their passport. If you wish to live and work in Singapore for longer, a work permit is required and all the conditions set out by the Ministry of Manpower must be met.

The Immigration & Checkpoint Authority provides useful information on the various customs restrictions and import regulations that apply when bringing personal belongings to Singapore.


Singapore is known to have a greater cost of living than New Zealand, however, with professional salaries being generous, and expatriate packages usually including accommodation allowances, transport costs and school fees for children, a higher quality of life can be achieved. Household expenses and food are considered cheap in relation to local incomes so if one can forego the luxury condo and car for more modest housing and public transport, great savings can be made.

Grace has partnered with NZForex to provide you with convenient and competitive foreign exchange solutions with no fees when exchanging foreign currency over NZD $1,000.

Top three things to do in Singapore:

1. Go bargain shopping on Orchard Road, Asia’s most famous shopping street

2. Discover the rich history, living traditions and eateries of Kampong Glam

3. Watch the famous Formula 1 Grand Prix night race

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