Moving & Relocating to Brisbane from New Zealand

The complete moving guide to Brisbane

There are two primary reasons why many New Zealanders and even people from southern Australia move to Brisbane – the weather and the relaxed outdoorsy lifestyle. But, to enjoy everything that Brisbane has to offer, you first have to arrange your relocation.

That’s where Grace can help. We know that you’re probably excited about your move and being able to enjoy as much sun and surf as you can handle, but worrying about the logistics can put a damper on your elation.

However, there’s no need to worry because when you engage Grace to handle your relocation for you, every minor detail will be taken care of.

Quotes for moving to Brisbane from NZ

Before you start packing your bags, get in contact with us to get a no-obligation quote for relocating all of your belongings including your vehicles and your pets. We will have a look at what needs to be transported and let you know how much it’s going to cost.

We’ll work with you so that you can select the best possible option for getting everything from New Zealand to Brisbane without you having to worry about a thing.

Essentially, we can safely pack your entire house and get it ready for shipping to Brisbane without you having to lift a finger. We provide a complete door-to-door service that will make your relocation as painless as possible.

Vehicle & Pet Relocation Services to Brisbane

Of course, you’ll also want to arrange to have your vehicles shipped to Brisbane and your pets transported in the safest way possible. At Grace, we can arrange all of these things for you.

We have three warehouses in New Zealand where you can take your vehicles. Once they’re dropped off, we’ll take care of all of the necessary details and have them at your destination when you need them.

We also pride ourselves in taking the absolute best care of your beloved pets so that you don’t have to stress about their safety and well-being. We can even offer a pickup and drop-off service to get your animals from your current home to your new one as easily as possible.

Things you should know about living in Brisbane

Brisbane is a great place to live if you enjoy the sun, surf, beaches, and spending lots of time outdoors. It has a sub-tropical climate with lovely warm summers and relatively mild winters. That’s why Brisbanites embrace the outdoor lifestyle by spending time at the beach, in a local park, or at a backyard barbecue.

Brisbane city is also a great place to be. Although it can be quite busy and vibrant, the vibe still remains relaxed and laid-back with the river being one of the main attractions. On both sides of the river, there are numerous restaurants, cafes, bars, and parkland areas where you can enjoy this more relaxed lifestyle.

Transport in and around the city is easy too. There are buses, trains, and even ferries that run up and down the river from one side to the other. Even driving around the city in your car is not that difficult.

As it’s also a popular holiday destination for southerners, you’ll find that you’re never lacking in new things to do and see around Brisbane. 

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