packing boxes

Packing is one of the most stressful steps in moving house and with the festive season almost upon us, time is ticking to get all those moving boxes packed and ready to go. So, in the spirit of Saint Nick, here’s our guide to packing your moving boxes in 12 days.

Day 1: Start now

As soon as you’re aware of the fact that you’re going to be moving house, start the packing process. You’ll need your packing materials at the ready to go so you can hit the ground running and get the packing done.

Day 2: Declutter

Clear the clutter now so you don’t spend time and money moving the things you don’t need. Although it might seem like a better idea to quickly pack everything you own into the box, it’s only going to add to the stress and work of unpacking at your new home.

Day 3: Gather supplies

Get your packing supplies ready for the packing process. That includes quality moving boxes in a range of sizes, tape, protective packaging, and markers. Does packing already seem like an impossible task to complete before Christmas day? It’s time to hire a removalist to do the packing for you!

Day 4: Donate to charity

Get into the holiday spirit and donate your unwanted goods to charity. Your act of kindness will help make a difference to others.

Day 5: Protect your things

Knowing how to effectively pack to prevent damage is a skill that professional removalists master over time. Drinking glasses and crockery, art, mirrors and books are some of the most fragile and common items in every household. Although they’re small, they’re not as easily protected from damages as you think. Take the time to ensure your things are protected when packing.

Day 6: Get all hands on deck

When moving the entire family home, it only makes sense that the entire family get involved. There are a few simple things you can do to help your child feel more at ease with a big move, and getting them involved is just one of them.

Day 7: Prioritise your packing

Sort out what you can pack now and what you’re going to need right up until the day you have to move out. Don’t forget to leave the big five to the removalists to wrap and protect on the final day.

Day 8: Label your boxes

Help make the unpack of your new home easier and more efficient by labelling your boxes properly. Use a system that makes sense to you. This might be a colour-code system or sequence of numbers.

Day 9: Hold a garage sale

Make a bit of extra cash and hold a garage sale to sell your unwanted items. With many doing their holiday shopping, they might be looking for a particular item on the cheap.

Day 10: Pack your overnight bag

Pack you and the family a convenient overnight bag filled with the essential items and things you’ll need on your first day and night in the new house. Don’t forget to include things like toilet paper, a change of clothes, and your phone charger.

Day 11: Dispose of food and dangerous goods

You won’t be able to pack dangerous goods with you when moving with a removalist so dispose of those now. This includes fertilisers, fuel, pool chemicals, sharp objects and some plant and animal products. It’s also time now to dispose of any extra food and defrost the freezer.

Day 12: Pack the moving vehicle

Now that your boxes are packed, it’s time to pack them into your moving vehicle. If you’re planning on driving your own vehicle to your new home, hire a removalist to take care of the transportation for you. Not only are removalists able to load everything and get it moved for you, they can do so without damaging your things.

Not sure you can get your entire home packed in time for the move? Get in touch with Grace Removals and let us take care of it for you.