packing boxes

If you’re choosing to pack your own things to move house, there are a few extra measures you’ll need to take. Knowing how to effectively pack to prevent damage is a skill that professional removalists master over time. Drinking glasses and crockery, art, mirrors and books are some of the most fragile and common items in every household. Although they’re small, they’re not as easily protected from damages as you think.

Boxes matter

Although you might be planning on using the old boxes you have laying around the house to pack and transport your belongings, you really do need to consider their quality. The quality of the boxes you use matter. Proper moving boxes are double layered for ultimate protection. This prevents boxes from having their bottom fall out from under them, and from being punctured while in the moving truck.

Not only does the quality and thickness of your boxes matter, so too does their size. There are different shaped moving boxes for a reason. Some are designed specifically for the removal of clothes, others for books, and others for kitchen goods. Use the right sized box for the job to prevent damage to their contents. Where you can, pack electricals in their original boxes which are already moulded to fit them.

Proper packing supplies

Be sure to use the right packaging materials to pack your belongings. Make sure you use different sized boxes too so you can pack things to prevent movement within the box. Have a variety of packing supplies on hand when you’re packing your boxes. These should include strong tape, moving blankets, packing paper and bubble wrap to help prevent damage to items while they’re in the boxes.

Divided kitchen boxes work well to protect dishes and glassware. If the item you are packing is too big to fit into the dish box, wrap with bubble wrap and use crumpled paper to prevent it from moving within the box.

Protect your home

When it comes to packing your household items for removal, you might overlook the importance of protecting your home. Some furniture, such as the lounge and fridge, are both heavy and bulky. Moving these exposes the floors and walls to scuff marks, scratches and chips. To protect your home, cover the walkways with flat cardboard boxes.

Use cardboard to protect walls and cover the items you’re moving with a blanket before navigating around corners. Don’t forget to leave doors propped open so you don’t accidentally damage them. Use folded cardboard or a door stop so you don’t trip.

Protect yourself

Some of the most serious damage that can occur during a move is to yourself. Always remember to practice in safe lifting and don’t lift anything that’s too heavy. Watch your hands and feet to avoid injuries and check the floor is clear of anything that may cause you to slip or trip.

Protect your hands from nicks and bruises with padded gloves and protect your toes and feet with supportive footwear. Remember to take breaks too. Although it’s tempting to power through the packing, you’ll do more damage than good if you don’t stay hydrated and fuelled.

Leave it to the professionals

Sometimes it’s easier to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. At Grace, we provide careful packing services to ensure your items are protected from any damage that may occur during transit or while in storage. We also take extra measures to protect your property from damage as we move things around. Fill out our online quote tool for your obligation free quote today.