removalist loading truck

What do Grace’s removalists mean when they talk about the ‘big five’?

The big five refers to the following common household goods which also happen to be some of the bulkiest as most difficult to relocate and move:

  • Lounge
  • Fridge
  • Bed
  • Table
  • Television

How to pack the big five

Due to their importance in the household, and their large and delicate nature, it’s important that these items are packed correctly before they’re transferred from your existing home to the new house.

  1. Protection
    Prevent damage to your big five with the correct packing materials and wrap them accordingly. These items may be big and heavy but they’re actually more prone to damage than any of your smaller furniture items, especially the television. You might need to disassemble larger items such as the bed or table in order to protect them and load them into a removals vehicle.
  2. Loading
    Loading these large and heavy items can be dangerous if it’s not done in the correct way. Never attempt to lift something if you’re unsure about as you put yourself and others at risk of injury. Risking the heavy load can also put your items at risk as they may fall and break.
  3. Transit
    During transit, ensure your big five are packed in such a way to avoid having them move around in the truck. Movement of these large items can, not only cause damage to themselves, but also cause damage to other household goods.
  4. Delivery
    Unloading is going to be as dangerous and risky as loading so it’s best to be extra cautious. You’ll also need to navigate these items through a new house and install them which might not be too difficult when it comes to the television, but could be a hassle when it comes to the bed and lounge, especially as this could involve reassembling them.

Leave it to the professionals

Although it might sound very straight forward to pack up your big five and load them into the back of a removals truck, it’s actually quite a difficult procedure to get right. Avoid putting yourself at risk of injury and your goods at risk of damages and trust the professionals to pack, move, deliver and install your big five for you. Get your free online quote with the professional removals at Grace here.