When it comes to warehouse storage, there are a number of factors that make it a vital part of the business to get right. It’s the storage capacity of a warehouse that’s important in determining target stock levels and ordering and replenishment frequency.[1] But if your warehouse is nearing capacity, is it time to purchase a larger space? Before you do that, look for missed storage opportunities in your warehouse space.

Vertical space

Look up! Often warehouses do not utilise their height and as a result, a lot of space goes to waste. Figure out how much headroom you have to work with and what stock you’ll store on the highest and lowest shelves before installing tall shelving units.

Space utilisation

Use your space wisely. If you’ve got a number of the same or similar items located in a number of different areas in the warehouse, consolidate them into just one location. Not only does this help save space, it also keeps your storage organised and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. Study your building’s depth as well. Then consider the best racking to utilise the space most effectively.

Be smart about shelving

Consider the best shelving solutions for your items. Storing small items on pallet racks wastes space and also makes it easy to misplace items. Consider the size, shape and weight of the products being stored on racking. The layout of your shelving should also allow for a forklift to be used in the aisles.

Technologically savvy

The digital age has aided warehouse storage solutions with the invention of management systems that help to improve efficiency and identify the best methods for picking and putting things away. These systems also help to keep a detailed inventory list so you can ensure you’re not filling your warehouse to capacity or over capacity and in turn, help you avoid ordering things you don’t yet need.

Organise workstations and labour

Organised workstations help to improve productivity because equipment and tools are always kept in the same place. Consider what your workers need access to most often and make it easily accessible, tidy and organised. This will also free up space around warehouse.

Consider offsite location for storage

Some warehouses simply aren’t large enough to house all of the stock a business requires. If that’s the case, consider storing your extra stock in an offsite location. Grace Business Services offer complete and secure warehousing solutions for your items during a warehouse relocation, downsize or upgrade. Grace have customised space saving options and a specialised team with a wealth of experience to bring you the most reliable warehousing solutions.

[1] Estimating the capacity of storage facilities, 2014 http://www.who.int/biologicals/expert_committee/Supplement-3-TS-warehouse-size-ECSPP-ECBS.pdf