When moving, things like cleaning, setting up your kitchen, closets, display cabinets etc., can all leave you exhausted and feeling as though you just don’t have enough time to get everything done.

Now imagine moving house in one day, and by the evening every room in your new home has been expertly set up and arranged. No more juggling of last minute packing dramas with children and pets among the clutter or spending weeks in a forest of half unpacked boxes, looking for items.

Packing problems

These days we tend to have a lot of personal belongings, and although it is hard to imagine, an average house move will amount to 150 to 200 cartons. Inexperienced packers can take a full day to pack each room, and two days for a kitchen or the garage; and roughly the same amount of time to unpack, not to mention setting up all the rooms. Therefore it’s no surprise that most people feel as though it takes a good month or so before they are truly settled in their new home after a relocation.

At Grace, we know that nowadays people are simply overstretched and are too busy to worry about the hassles of moving. That’s why we offer a number of supplementary home services to address all the additional jobs that require a different level of care.

Catered services

Catering to a range of clients including time-poor professionals, young families with newborns, and the retired or elderly, Grace take a highly customised approach and treat every client as a VIP.

One of the most gruelling tasks that no one really enjoys is cleaning. We offer customised cleaning services, taking care of the small or big jobs for you including window, oven, blinds and curtains cleaning, gardening, and even rubbish removal.

Additionally, our Grace Valet assistants can turn a house full of boxes into an organised home quickly and efficiently. From putting away the crockery to making the beds, they will work independently or alongside you to significantly reduce the time it takes to organise your new residence.

With some extra help, moving can become a seamless and stress-free experience with minimum disruption to lifestyle so you and your family can start enjoying your new home environment much sooner.

If you would like to find out more about the variety of services that Grace offers including pet relocations and art & antiques transport, contact us today.