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With presents to be bought, decorations to be put up and a parties to attend, December is a particularly busy time in most people’s lives. Now imagine moving house at the same time.

For most people the thought of moving this close to Christmas is a living nightmare, but unfortunately, the right house doesn’t always come along at the perfect time and sometimes moving at this time of year can’t be avoided. There is, however, a way to move house at Christmas time and maintain your sanity.

1. Book as much as you can as soon as you can – Just as Christmas is busy for you, it’s also a busy time for most removalists. The moment you have a settlement date, book in your removalist to ensure you get the date you want. At the same time, if you need to book a tradesperson to do some urgent repairs, make the booking early. The last thing you want is to have to pay double to get someone out on Christmas Eve.

2. Organise your utilities – You will need to get your gas, water and electricity connected so make sure you do this as soon as possible. No one wants to eat their Christmas dinner in the dark!

3. Be flexible – Understand that some things like major renovations will need to wait until mid-January as many tradespeople take leave at this time of year. Also, understand that not everything will be unpacked and the house won’t be as tidy as you like. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this Christmas as much as your previous ones.

4. Call in some help – Christmas is traditionally a time for being with family and friends. Time may be short but you can still catch up with friends for Christmas drinks at your new place, just ask that they help unpack a box for you while they’re there. Most people will be more than happy to help plus they still get to spend time with you during the festive season.

Now is also the time to get some professional help. Grace Removals can organise a clean-up service when you move out of your old house that includes oven cleaning, window cleaning and curtain cleaning. Plus we can also arrange for a clean of your new house prior to moving in.

5. Think about how you pack – Given that you may not get everything unpacked before the big day, it’s important you box things up according to need. Keep the Christmas tree and decorations handy as well as any cooking items you will need to prepare a Christmas feast.

6. Shop online –Going to the shops to buy presents and holiday food can quickly suck up hours of your precious time. Now is the time to consider shopping online and getting your items delivered to your new home. Some online stores also offer gift wrapping, which is well worth doing if you’re short on time.

Remember, Grace Removals is here to help and to ensure you have a stress free moving experience from start to finish. We can take care of all aspects of your move so you can enjoy the holiday season.