Modern and international organisations require large and complex global mobility. Part of the mobility process is procurement. But getting that right isn’t easy. Procurement or HR departments often struggle with finding the best suited employees for global assignments but the challenges don’t end there.

Procurement of supplies and resources to assist with the global mobility process are also complex. Finding the right agent to cover off bases needs to be thought through and considered as they will be working as an integral part of your business.

Here are three simple changes you can make to improve your global mobility procurement process.

  1. Focus on the value

    It’s easy to get caught up with budgets when it comes to global mobility projects, especially when you’re trying to stick to strict budget guidelines. But the reality is, you get what you pay for. Paying more for a service from an external agent might be what makes the difference between keeping your employees happy with their international assignment, and losing them to another company.

  2. Find a supplier who can do more

    Make the workload simpler for your own procurement and HR departments and find a single supplier who can do the majority, if not all, of the work involved in the global mobility process. For example, why hire a removalist to relocate your employees when you can hire a company who can cover the mobility aspects, destination services, visa and immigration and removals of your employees?

  3. Stick with accreditation

    Stick with suppliers who have the experience you’re looking for. The easiest way to do this is to check their accreditation. Quality assurance, accreditation and industry affiliations can make a big difference to your procurement and give you the confidence you need to get the job done. Check for companies with FIDI affiliations and memberships with groups such as the Employee Mobility Institute.

When you’re looking to improve your global mobility procurement process, consider Grace. At Grace, we provide a single point of contact for your employees and HR departments. Our Mobility Specialists look after everything from beginning to end, and provide regular reporting. The vast spread of our network means we also have the ability to utilise business services, relocations, and more. Trust our state-of-the-art global mobility technology and experience in the industry for your mobility process.

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