At Grace Business Services, we provide a comprehensive end-to-end commercial relocation service. These services are enhanced by our knowledgeable and fully qualified team of IT staff who allow us to provide expert IT relocation solutions. We ensure your technology is relocated to your new location quickly, safely and efficiently.

Pre-Move Support

While IT is one of the most important aspects of a commercial relocation, it can also be one of the most problematic. In the technological age that exists, IT can be crucial in maintaining the everyday functions of a business. That’s why we make it one of our priorities at the beginning of a project and start by formulating a comprehensive IT relocation plan. Our dedicated IT specialists will create a plan that fits your needs, allowing your staff to stay focused on day-to-day operations. This also allows us to work in conjunction with any other construction workers on a live site.

IT disconnect and reconnect

Our team of IT specialists have intricate knowledge of processes and procedures to document, disconnect, transport, reconnect, test, troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may occur during an IT relocation. We provide consistent communication so you know every stage of the process, minimising risk and disruption upon arrival in the new location.

Our IT disconnect and reconnect service includes:

  • Desktop device and staff auditing
  • Asset management
  • Monitor and equipment mounting
  • Port testing
  • Computer and peripheral hook-up
  • Cable management
  • Testing and tagging equipment

IT post-move support

Despite our best efforts, there may be troubleshooting issues that arise when your staff first connect to their new network. That’s why our IT specialists stay on hand after the relocation to assist with any residual issues that may occur. This includes printing ability, network connectivity and server troubleshooting.

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