moving overseas

International assignments can be exciting prospects, combining work experience with an overseas adventure. The opportunity is valuable for companies and their employees who are looking to expand their global network. The move from one country to another, however, is a big one, and one that comes with unique challenges your employees might not be equipped to handle on their own.

Moving overseas can be difficult for even the most seasoned traveller. From language barriers and cultural differences, to family lifestyle changes, there are many challenges you and your employees will encounter when moving overseas.

  1. Set your expectations

    Moving overseas is no small mission so be sure to set clear expectations for your employees regarding their position, salary and the length of the assignment. It’s important to have your discussions up front so there are no shocks in the future.

  1. Develop training and orientation

    Scope out the training and orientation programs your employees need to make the transition overseas an easier one. Relocating to some countries may require cultural adjustment where cross-cultural training can help. Simple things like assigning a mentor and language training can help your employee settle in quicker.

  1. Include the family

    The smooth transition for your employees should be extended to the family that moves with them. Developing a social network that caters to their unique needs, you can help them feel settled quicker. Things like choosing schools for their children and providing support for spouses who are not eligible to work in the host country can make all the difference when it comes to your employee relocating successfully.

  1. Communication is key

    Keeping in regular contact with your employees throughout the entire process, including being upfront about everything, will help resolve any issues that arise swiftly. Regular contact also helps employers monitor their employee’s performance and development on their new international assignment.

  1. Hire the professionals

    Grace provides you with a single point of contact for your employee relocation, and take on every detail end-to-end. We use global mobility technology to help remove the stress of relocating your business and employees overseas. Our mobility experts will consult with you and your employees and development a program that works for everyone’s individual needs.


At Grace, our consultative approach focuses on balancing service costs, employee mobility outcomes and program equity objectives. We take the stress out of moving to a new country and tailor our services to every individual or family. For more information on what Grace can do for you and your organisation, click here.