The modern workplace is evolving and changing. It’s affected by global expansion, changing demography and an ageing baby boomer population, societal expectations and economic factors. A cultural change has also meant employees have become in demand of flexibility. As employees continue to drive changes in the workplace through these evolving factors, they affect productivity and talent management, but how?

Staying connected

In order for employers to understand, they need to look through their employee’s eyes. Staying connected and working with their employees to meet career milestones and investing in meaningful training is one way employees are helping to drive productivity. By investing in training and career development, employees are more likely to feel a strong sense of connection to a company, thus improving efficiencies and productivity.

What the work means

One of the main reasons employees choose to leave a company is their job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is most influenced by having a sense of empowerment, feeling appreciated and being able to do meaningful and interesting work. Choice of employer and clear articulation of values have become increasingly important as a result.


Innovation creates an engaged workforce, which means that people work harder, are more productive and more creative. When people are connected, they are engaged and have a common purpose. This means it’s becoming more important for employers to provide a transparent environment for their employees.

Retention and HR

HR departments across the world are becoming more and more focused on making it a priority to retain their staff. They’re doing this through improving their employee’s experience and setting up innovative systems to keep them happy and connected. Happy employees lead to less turnover and greater productivity and collaboration, something many companies are striving to achieve.

With employee experience affecting productivity and talent management to the extent that it does, employers who are responsible for international teams have much to consider. At Grace Mobility, we assist you and your HR department to keep your employees on assignment happy and productive. Let us help your employees and get in touch with us today.