Asset Management

A Move Can Place Your Business Assets at Risk


Grace Removals is your best choice for asset management because we understand the importance of the safety of your belongings. When you use a less reputable relocation business, you risk having your assets destroyed or worse, go missing. Without the right management, your entire relocation budget can spiral out of control by thousands of dollars. That’s why more businesses prefer Grace Removals. With over 100 years of proven industry experience, they are confident Grace will ship their assets with care.

Grace Removals Keeps Track of Your Assets


How do we ensure your assets are shipped properly? With our state of the art Barcoding Asset Management system, you can check the status of your assets anytime throughout the relocation process. This means that you can pinpoint the exact whereabouts of any asset and enjoy true peace of mind!

Experience a Smooth Transition with Grace Removal


Our 100 years of experience gives us the knowledge on how to handle every type of commercial relocation, including offices, laboratories, medical suites and schools.

Our asset management system not only ensures every item is accounted for, it also enables you to issue work orders for deliveries, collections or disposals as well as create customised reports without having to leave your desk.

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