Antiques are priceless pieces that cannot be protected enough when it comes to keeping them in good nick. There are many factors that can affect your antiques, including environmental conditions and the moving and handling of items. Here are some tips to help you care for your antiques in a way that helps them retain their priceless value.

Store them correctly

Keep your antiques out of direct sunlight to avoid damages caused by UV rays. UV rays have the ability to discolour antiques and cause materials to dry out, fade and crack. But be careful when placing them in the dark! Antiques can collect moisture and mould if placed in a cold and dark space. For the best preservation of your antiques in storage, keep them in a temperature-controlled and humidified room. If you don’t have access to this type of storage solution, be sure to give your antiques space to breathe.

Dust and polish regularly

Keep dust and moth balls off your antiques to ensure their finish is preserved and kept in good condition. Dusting regularly will help prevent any unwanted odours from creeping into and hanging around your antique furniture and cabinets. When choosing a polish, try and keep it natural as some chemicals can affect and damage the finish of antiques.

Leave the finish alone

Wooden antiques such as chairs and cabinets are often treated with a variety of finishes by their owners. But antique furniture is always best when it’s kept as close to the original as possible and the finish on a piece of wood is part of its charm. Consider the need to treat the finish of your antique before you apply any polish or wax. It’s always best not to strip the old finish but rather, revive the original with natural products.

Fixing the damages

Sometimes it’s worth leaving the chips and dents in your antique furniture if they add to its story, but in the cases where that’s not an option, it’s often best to hire a professional for the restoration work. Professional antique restorers are trained in retaining the look and charm of an antique by using different techniques and materials that best suit the item.

Moving and handling

Antiques should be handled with the utmost care when moving and transporting them. It is always best to hire the professionals who can move and handle your antiques with the correct protective materials, especially when it comes to larger items such as antique tables and sculptures.

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