Planning a move overseas? Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey has remeasured cities around the world, ranking them from the best to the worst cities to live in. Mercer’s index measures cities on a multitude of factors which includes their economic and political environment, infrastructure, public transport, health, recreation, and housing. Here are the top 10 most desirable cities to live in for 2017.

  1. Vienna, Austria
    Vienna now holds the title for the most liveable city for its eighth year in a row. There’s a seemingly never ending wealth of things to do in the charming European city. Its mixture of cafes, bars, galleries, shops and markets give it a vibrant and rich cultural scene.
  2. Zurich, Switzerland
    The classy riverside city of Zurich is surrounded by snow-capped mountains with clean streets that intersect the city that runs on timely trams. Not just a pretty face, Zurich is also home to a cultural diversity when it comes to nightlife and entertainment.
  3. Auckland, New Zealand
    Gateway to the country, Auckland placed in third spot in this year’s list, making it more liveable than anywhere in Australia. Auckland is based around two large harbours that are lined with superyachts, cafes, restaurants and bars.
  1. Munich, Germany
    Munich stands as one of the Germany’s most sophisticated and refined cities where the atmosphere changes with the seasons. Home to centuries old buildings and a collection of museums, the city mixes old charm with the thrill of the city’s famous annual celebration, Oktoberfest.
  1. Vancouver, Canada
    Vancouver often ranks highly in lists of liveable cities for its density and diverse ethnicity. The west coast city is surrounded by mountains and has a bustling entertainment and cultural scene.
  1. Dusseldorf, Germany
    The art capital of Germany is one of five German cities to make the top 20 list for 2017. Located in the county’s west, Dusseldorf’s old town and modern commercial hub are divided by the Rhine River.
  2. Frankfurt, Germany
    The third German city to make the top ten, Frankfurt, is known as the most international city in Germany. The city is the largest financial centre in the country and houses historical and architectural feats.
  3. Geneva, Switzerland
    The lakeside city of Geneva is surrounded by breathtaking views of the Alps and mountains. The city is home to the headquarters of major charities and NGOs including the Red Cross and United Nations. The global hub is most famous for its status as a banking centre.
  4. Copenhagen, Denmark
    It wouldn’t be a list of most liveable cities without at least one Scandinavian nation getting a mention. Copenhagen is growing on the global food scale, home to restaurants receiving more and more stars each year. From globally recognised culinary delights to beautifully maintained gardens and parks, the royal city has it all.
  5. Sydney, Australia
    Coming in equal tenth place with Basel, Switzerland, Sydney is a sophisticated city leading the charge in Australia. The city is located on the harbour and combines internationally recognised beaches and architectural structures with commercial and business hubs.

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