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Moving to New Zealand for work? Here’s an overview of the current Immigration New Zealand (INZ) requirements.

In a recent Grace Removals news post, we covered a story from claiming thousands of Brits will leave the UK in the coming years to take advantage of the construction boom and start a new life in New Zealand.

With the property market set to grow off the back of the construction boom, along with skills shortages in the mining, engineering, construction and health sectors, we thought it was high time we posted an overview of the main requirements for skilled workers immigrating to New Zealand.

The VisaExecutive website provides a handy summary of the INZ requirements relevant to corporate migrants. According to the organisation, there are several different ways to obtain a work permit and/or visa for New Zealand.

“For large and/or multinational companies, specified businesspeople (senior or specialist business people on short-term secondments, or executives, senior managers, or specialist personnel seconded to New Zealand as an intra-corporate transferee), can apply for a specific-purpose work visa,” advises VisaExecutive.

“Additionally, the larger New Zealand companies are often INZ ‘Accredited Employers’ allowing them to fast-track work permit and visa applications for specialist and/or senior staff.”

If you don’t have the backing of a large or multinational company, one of the simplest paths to obtaining a permit/visa is to gain employment in an occupation listed on either the INZ Immediate Skill Shortage List (ISSL), or the INZ Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL), claims VisaExecutive. Please be advised that these lists do change regularly, so it is worthwhile keeping an eye on the Immigration NZ website for updates (

“If the position is not on one of these two lists, an application for a work permit and/or visa can be made under General Work (Other) Policy where the employer will need to show that no New Zealand workers are available to do the job,” said VisaExecutive; visit the website for information about how this can be done.

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