Are you in the process of renovating your cellar? Maybe you’re moving house? Wine is a delicate commodity that needs to be protected at every stage of its move, from the initial packing and uplift, to transit, storage and finally, delivery. Here are our tips on how to protect your wine throughout the process.

Protecting your wine

Packing wine bottles is arguably the most important part of the process. Friction caused when bottles rub against each other can damage the bottles and may cause them to shatter, ruining the product altogether. Pack your bottles into specially designed wine boxes which separate the bottles into individual slots to prevent them from hitting each other. These boxes usually come in a size for six or 12 bottles. Wine bottles are heavy so you’ll need to make sure the bottom of the box is sturdy enough to support their weight.

If you’re not using a wine box, you’ll need to individually wrap each bottle to keep it safe during the move. The most delicate part of the bottle is the neck so be sure to wrap the neck tightly. Don’t forget to label your moving boxes so you know what’s in them!

Storing your wine without spoiling it

Wine stores best in a dark, temperature controlled room which prevents it from spoiling. The recommended temperature for wine storage is around 18°C. The temperature also needs to stay constant and shouldn’t fluctuate more than 1.6°C a day. Humidifying the room will further prevent wine from spoiling. The room’s humidity should be at around 70% constantly.

Get the experts to do it for you

The entire moving, storage and delivery process is a delicate one that needs to be performed carefully to avoid damage to bottles or loss of product. Without access to the highest quality packing materials or storage facility and conditions, wine can easily spoil. Experts at wine moves and storage, Grace can take care of the delicate process for you. Don’t tip your wine down the drain, trust Grace to do the job for you.

A Grace expert will pack your wine, regardless of how many bottles you have, and store them in a dark and secure temperature and humidity controlled room until you’re ready for delivery. Get in touch with our team for more information.