Fine art

Transporting and storing fine art are two of the most precarious things you can do with your priceless works. However, in some cases, moving and storing your fine art and antiques is simply unavoidable. Here’s how to keep your art safe and protected from damage during transit and while in storage.

Handle with care

Handling a painting requires a lot of care and precision to avoid causing any damage to the work. Before you start moving your art, you’ll need to wrap and protect it. Wrapping your work will protect it from damage caused by misplaced fingers, stains, chemicals and materials. Once you’ve protected your art with packaging materials, place it into a crate. Crates are specially made moving boxes designed to protect art while in transit.

In transit

Boxes and crates prevent your fine art from external damages as they are specially made and custom fit, protecting art from any movement within the box. When it comes to internationally transporting art, the custom regulations that apply will depend on the country you are exporting from and importing to, especially where antiques are concerned. For more information on a country’s specific regulations surrounding the customs of paintings, visit their official government websites.

The right conditions

When it comes to placing fine art and antiques into storage, it’s important to think about the risks involved. The storage facility you choose should not be damp or easily heated as this can cause irreversible damage to your artwork. Keep your art stored in a dark, dry environment away from the risk of heat, humidity and sunlight. Never store your fine art on the ground as doing so will allow moisture to be absorbed by the materials.

Security first

One of the other important factors you need to consider when choosing a storage facility is security. Protect your fine art against theft and store your art in a locked and secured room. The safest storage facilities provide 24-hour surveillance and restricted access to their vaults.

Insure and protect

Despite the measures you take to protect your fine art in transit and storage, certain risks do fall out of your control. This can include border protections and customs officers opening the packaging to inspect an item as well as weather conditions and accidents occurring while the painting is in transit.

Hire a professional

When it comes to safeguarding your fine art and antiques, trust the professionals. Grace Fine Art are experts in the field of transporting and storing priceless fine art and antiques, no matter their style or build. Our team provide electronic inventory and tracking services, climate-controlled storage facilities and a tailored service to protect your fine art at every stage of the relocation process. Get in touch with us today and start protecting your valuables.