Swimming pool

The weather’s warming up and you’re on the hunt for a new home. There’s no doubt then that you’re starting to weigh up the possibility of owning a swimming pool. With so many variables and factors that come into play with swimming pools, it’s not a decision to be approached lightly. Here are some of the most common pros and cons of moving into a home with a swimming pool.


It’s fun
Swimming pools are a great way to entertain the whole family, furry members included. If your pool is heated, you can enjoy the fun for longer than just the summer period. It’s not just the immediate family who will enjoy the pool. A summer party isn’t complete unless it’s hosted around a swimming pool!

Get outdoors
Swimming is great exercise for everyone in the family and is often recommended to help with the recovery of poor health and muscle pains. It’s also a great way to get outside and enjoy the sunshine instead of being stuck indoors.  Take a break from the air conditioned house and take a dip in the water.

An investment
Adding a pool to your property can increase the value of the home in years to come. You can add a lot of visual appeal to your property with a stunning and carefully designed swimming pool. It’s important to keep in mind though that the costs of installing a swimming pool may not be returned in full when you sell as the market can change.


Cost of running
Swimming pools are a costly investment. Buying a home that already has a pool is cheaper than having one installed later on, however, keeping a swimming pool clean and healthy is also costly. Heated pools also add extra costs to already increasing electricity bills and topping the pool up with water will also start adding on to your water bill.

Timely maintenance
The upkeep of a swimming pool requires time, chemicals and pool care knowledge. It takes time and effort to keep the pool clean and in good condition so you need to be willing to spend your weekends completing upkeep work.

Added danger
Swimming pools can be dangerous around children and those who don’t know how to swim. As a result, pool ownership comes with its fair share of red tape and involves a number of council safety regulations.

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