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There’s nothing worse than arriving in your new home and having to search through every box to find something.

That’s why, Grace Removals recommends you keep a ‘survival pack’ handy when moving.

A ‘survival pack’ is made up of items you think you may need to access immediately in your new home.

Items you may wish to consider are:

  • An electric kettle, coffee mugs, coffee/tea and teaspoons
  • Toilet paper, tissues and soap
  • A bottle/can opener, knife and paper plates
  • Cleaning clothes and cleaning products, especially sponges
  • Screw driver, torch and hammer
  • Favourite toys for young children.

Make sure you place these items in a separate box, which is clearly marked. Place the box at the rear of the load to ensure that it is one of the first items unloaded.

Remember, when moving it’s also a good idea to keep important personal papers with you – such as passports, birth certificates, your drivers’ licence, vehicle ownership papers and your pet’s veterinarian records.