housewarming party

So you’ve tried to bribe your family and friends but you’re still left with the kids on moving day. Although it might seem like you’re about to embark on the hardest task known to parent-kind, it doesn’t have to be. Why not set out to do more than just survive the move, embrace it and manage it from the beginning to create a seamless process that has the entire family out the door and settled into their new property in no time at all.

Get them ready

Children are prone to meltdowns when it comes to big changes in their lives, such as a new house. Although it might seem like an exciting prospect for you, children don’t always understand the change. Therefore, it’s important you properly prepare your children for the changes they are about to face. Calmly explain when the move is taking place and why. Focus on the positive changes this will bring about, not just for your children but for the entire family.

Where possible, take the children to your new neighbourhood before you move. Show them around so they can become familiar with their surroundings. Also encourage your children to give the old house the send-off it deserves by letting them take photos of what they love most about the house.

Involve them as much as possible

Children like to feel involved in the change as it gives them a sense of control over their own situation. Let them pack up their own room, with your assistance of course. If you’re decluttering in the process, give them a choice between what they can keep and what they need to get rid of.

Leave the actual moving to the removalists

Having children is enough to focus on during the removal process, there’s no need to add the pressure of packing your household effects, loading them into a truck and moving them on your own. Let Grace take the pressure off your move and do everything for you. The professional removalists at Grace will safely relocate all of your household effects, from the car to the pet dog. For your free online quote, click here.

Let them have their meltdown

So preparing them didn’t prevent the meltdown. Tantrums are a normal reaction to big changes for young children. Let them have their moment and listen to what’s bothering them most. Although all children adapt to change in their own time, most experts agree that it takes at least six months for children to adapt completely to their new life.

Be careful not to say anything negative about the new property or neighbourhood during this time as your negativity can rub off on to the children. Don’t go too far the other way and convince them that the house and neighbourhood is going to be exactly like the last one either, embrace the differences and try to overcome any challenges together.

Stick to a schedule

Once you’ve moved into your new home, bring routine back into the family life. If your child enjoyed a trip to the local playground every Sunday morning, try and keep that in their schedule. Bringing routine back will help them adjust to their new home faster.

Get social

Although we expect that children will make their own friends in their social groups and at school, moving to a new neighbourhood can cause them to become more introverted. If you notice they are shying away from other children, help introduce them to other children and their parents. Having friends close by can help your children feel more at home and accelerate the settling-in process.