removalist loading truck

Summer is the most popular time to move house in New Zealand thanks to the popularity of house sales in spring. With more people moving house, you’ll need to start planning your move as soon as possible if you’re planning on getting everything done in time for the holidays.

Hire your removalist

Summer is the busies time of year for removalists too which means you’ll need to book one in sooner rather than later. With so many summer moves taking place right across the country, you’ll want to secure your removalist ahead of time. At Grace Removals, we can take care of the packing, transportation and unpacking of your entire home internationally or domestically. We also offer a comprehensive suite of removals services, including house clean and vehicle transfer, to get you relocated as easily and quickly as possible. Fill in our online quote tool for your obligation-free moving quote.

Time to declutter

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s worth taking the time to declutter. This way you’ll have more space in your new home from the day you move in. You’ll also save time unpacking as you’ll only have to unpack the things you really need. Summer and holiday season is also a great time to donate your unwanted goods to charity to help make a difference to someone else this festive season.

Will the kids be helping?

With summer comes the school holidays so you’ll need to consider whether the kids will be helping you with the moving process or not. If not, you’ll need to find an alternative option for them soon because the people you normally rely on to mind the kids may be busy. If the kids are old enough to chip in and help out, get them involved in the decluttering so they have control over what they get rid of. During the school holidays they’ll also have the time to unpack and set their own room up the way they like.

Don’t forget the pets!

If you’re planning on moving your pets internationally, you need to take into consideration the time it takes for paperwork to go through. At Grace, we provide reliable and safe pet relocation services to ensure your pet can reunite with you at the end of your move safely. Speak to your Grace moving consultant for more information on how long the process of relocating your pet can take as this is dependent on the country you’re moving to and their biosecurity and quarantine laws.

Don’t have enough time to plan and prepare for your summer move? Get in touch with Grace Removals! We’ll take care of everything so you have more time to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the fun of the festive season.