moving overseas

A successful relocation program is not easy to achieve. It takes a lot of work and effort and requires fine tuning along the way, something many HR departments simply don’t have the time for. So what can you do to help make your relocation a success?

Here are our ten key tips:

  1. Set your goals
    What’s the reason for you moving someone to another location? Be clear on what it is you want to achieve. Having a clear objective will also help you select the best person for the job. You also need to know what a successful relocation program looks like before you can achieve it.


  1. Build your project team
    People from a range of disciplines will bring their diverse talents to help deliver the project. You need to be sure your team has those skills. These skills need to include IT and HR as staff engagement is vital.  Having a single project manager will also make it easier for your staff to get answers to their questions and make the project run more smoothly.


  1. Stay organised
    Keep to your timelines and stay organised to ensure the relocation goes to plan. Being organised helps to keep things under control if there is a hiccup somewhere along the way.


  1. Find out what your employees need
    If your employee has a family, they may want your help to get them set up in their new destination. Whether it’s finding a school for their children to attend, or helping a partner settle in to their new neighbourhood. These are the extra services that make your relocation program something to be proud of.


  1. Budgeting
    No relocation program is successful if all it does is empty the business’s pockets. Set your budget and stick to it. But remember, you need to be realistic when it comes to setting your cost objectives. Don’t forget to take into consideration the global tax implications and benefits.


  1. Provide ongoing support
    Once your employee has relocated, don’t leave them out in the cold. Provide them and their family with ongoing support to help them feel more comfortable in their new destination.


  1. Use previous experiences
    If you’ve got feedback and knowledge from a past global relocation assignment, use it. Take on board both the negative and positive feedback you received from your past international assignment workers to make changes to your new relocation program.


  1. Assign a host oversees
    Help your employees settle in to their new home by hiring someone to help show them around and make them feel more comfortable. This is a person who can help oversee your employee’s management of work, as well as their personal life.


  1. Keep up the communication
    You’re not going to know how well your relocation program is working if the communication drops off. Ask your employees if there are any changes they would like to make to the program. Could their experience have been improved somehow? The best way to improve on and create a successful relocation program is to collect and process feedback from those it effects the most.


  1. Hire the experts
    Call in the professionals to help you set up a successful relocation program for your employees or handle the entire process for you. Grace Mobility Specialists are your single point of contact, with you and your employees for the entire program, from beginning to end. Let us help you manage your relocation program and speak to our consultants today.