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Today’s students are discovering the benefits of studying abroad and New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations.

In 2011, nearly 4.3 million students were enrolled in higher education outside their home country, compared with the just 0.8 million in 1975, according to a study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The reason for such a rise is the realisation by today’s students that studying in a foreign country improves their prospects in globalised sectors of the labour market.

The OECD study claims one of the biggest underlying factors in students’ choice of country of study is the language of instruction.

“The prevalence of predominantly English- speaking destinations, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, reflects the progressive adoption of English as a global language,” states the report.

However, language is just one reason more than 92,000 international students chose to study in New Zealand in 2012:

  • New Zealand is a “world leader for education”, according to the UN Development Programme’s 2011 Human Development Report
  • New Zealand is also “a top-performing country for the quality of its educational system”, says the OECD’s 2011 Better Life report and is “one of the strongest OECD countries” for literacy, maths and science
  • 63% of New Zealand’s universities appear in the Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic World Rankings, a higher percentage than any other country
  • 75% of New Zealand’s universities appeared in the Top 400 worldwide of the 2012/13 QS Times Higher Education World Rankings.

With enrolments now open for 2014, Grace Removals is encouraging international students to discover the range of benefits from studying in New Zealand including top educational facilities, friendly locals and some of the world’s greatest scenery.

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