Fine art

After going to all the trouble of purchasing a new and valuable piece of fine art to add to your collection, don’t risk damage to it during the transit and storage stages of its life. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure your art and antiques are protected for the long term.

Protecting your art in transit

Packing materials can make all the difference when it comes to transporting your art both domestically and internationally. This is a step that’s best left to the professionals who provide a white glove service to protect your valuable fine art at every stage of the move, from pick up to delivery and installation. For more information on how to protect your fine art during transit, read our latest blog.

Keep your art in the right room

The room you store your art in can make a huge difference to the longevity of your work. It’s imperative you keep your art safe from dangers such as direct sunlight, smoke and humidity to avoid damaging your art.

  • Ultraviolet light will cause severe and irreversible damage to art, textiles and photographs. When you’re hanging art on a wall, keep the curtains closed or consider installing UV filtering film on windows.
  • Install smoke detectors and never hang art over a fireplace as smoke, heat and ash can cause damage, or worse, destroy your art.
  • Keep your home at a constant temperature and humidity and avoid extreme fluctuations. You may want to consider investing in a digital thermo hygrometer to monitor both of these factors.

Storing your art in the right space

If you’re not placing your fine art on show just yet, you’ll need to consider the best storage options available to you. It’s not viable to leave your fine art pieces in the garage, not only are the conditions a risk to the longevity of your work, it’s also unsafe. The storage room you choose needs to fit the criteria above and have the correct space available. Is your space large enough to give your art room to breathe? You’ll also need to consider the security of your fine art and look for storage solutions that provide state of the art security facilities.

Grace provide tailored and specialist fine art and antique storage solutions with 18 dedicated vaults and 42 secure facilities within our Australasian network. Grace fine art facilities are climate controlled, monitored, and provide electronic inventory management and tracking. For more information on how to protect your fine art and antiques with Grace, click here.