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Paintings are beautiful pieces of art that can add style to any room. Despite our best intentions, sometimes circumstances arise and these artworks need to be placed into storage. Whether you’re renovating your home, holding onto a piece for a friend, or relocating, storing a painting requires certain conditions to ensure it’s kept safe from damage.

At Grace Fine Art, we’re proud of our ability to provide secure and reliable storage solutions for fine art and antiques, including paintings. So, here are our top tips for storing a painting.

Never store in a dry or damp place

Storing a painting in an environment that is either too dry or too damp can cause irreversible damage to your art. The humidity in the air should be constant and not fluctuate as paints can’t handle the change in climate conditions. A room that is too humid can cause the painting to sweat or run.

Keep your art off the ground

Never store your painting laying down and opt for specialised racking instead. Keeping your art off the ground helps prevent any moisture being absorbed by the canvas or frames. Moisture that is absorbed into the canvas can cause mould growth, damaging the artwork. Any moisture that is absorbed by wooden frames can cause the frames to expand and contract, putting the canvas at risk of stretching.

Avoid the sun

If you were planning on storing your painting in the spare bedroom, think again. Sunshine, and particularly the UV rays that streak through the window, can cause damage to your painting. Avoid damage by keeping your painting in a sun and UV ray free environment. Don’t make the room too dark though! You’ll risk promoting the growth of mould.

Trust Grace Fine Art storage

At Grace, we understand that getting the conditions just right for your painting storage can be difficult. Don’t risk the longevity of your painting, rely on us to take care of it for you. We offer a holistic white glove service that includes climate controlled secure art storage, preparation, packing and customised crating and installations. Our team will also provide electronic inventory and tracking services so you can keep track of what you have in storage and where.

Grace’s specialised art storage facilities comply with customs and border security requirements and are located in key locations, for your convenience. Speak to us today about our specialist fine art services and secure storage solutions today.