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When relocating your business location, many emotions are at play, especially for employees. To avoid employees leaving or issues in employee satisfaction in your new location, it’s important to prepare all staff for the move. Here are some tips to ensure your teams are as on-board with the relocation as you are.

Communicate with staff

Once you have decided to move offices, you need to let your employees know. All staff must be notified as soon as possible as this gives them ample time to prepare travel routes and consider their options. To communicate the news and what’s involved in the process of relocating, organise a company meeting and send emails to explain what is happening.

Keep staff updated

Communication doesn’t end once the first announcement has been made. As things are happening, put up signs and send regular emails to keep all staff informed about the moving process. Employees can get upset or lose trust in the business if they feel like they’re not kept in the loop.

Request feedback

Employees will have questions about the move and they may even have some advice. Give them the time and avenue to request answers or feedback. Encourage your employees to ask you any questions about the relocation throughout the entire process.

Get your staff involved

Help your staff feel more at ease with the move by allowing them to pack their own desks and workstations for removal. Staff will feel appreciated when they’re involved in the process. At Grace Business Services, we provide your employees with the necessary information and checklists for packing their workstations. Some of our tips include:

  • Making sure the Grace moving crate is full, but not overfilled
  • Instructions on where and how to write on the labels
  • Making sure the crate is under the 15 kilogram maximum weight that can be lifted by an individual

Grace Business Services

At Grace, we make it our priority to help you and your employees relocate as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to your business. Our tailored business services utilise one of the largest logistics networks across Australia and New Zealand to provide relocations and installations across a range of industries. Whether you’re moving floor-to-floor, building-to-building or state-to-state, our experienced and well-resourced team can relocate you. Get in touch with your local Grace Business Service branch for a detailed and organised relocation.