Spring has rolled around and now it’s time for your home’s annual spring clean. But when it comes to actually getting down and dirty, chances are you don’t want to and probably don’t have the time to clean the entire house, top to bottom. Here are five easy ways to tidy up the house before spring rolls into summer.

  1. Address your drawers
    If you’re like the average home owner, chances are you cringe every time you open that disorganised sock drawer. Well, it’s time to tame the drawers. Start by getting rid of the clothes you haven’t won in the past year. If you haven’t needed them yet, you probably won’t need them in the next 12 months either. Neatly fold and put back everything you’re choosing to keep. Vow to always put your clean laundry away from now on and you won’t have to deal with disorganised drawers again next spring.


  1. Just keep the essentials
    Clearing the clutter is an easy way to make your home appear clean, quickly. Clutter tends to pile on top of tables, shelves and cabinets. Keep what you need and stow or throw the rest away. Only the essentials, like clocks and candles you use regularly, should be kept on top of tables or cabinets, so find a place to neatly store the rest of your things.


  1. Know your trouble spots
    Chances are you’ve got a favourite clutter piling spot where everything gets dumped. Maybe it’s a spare chair in the bedroom where the clothes get thrown on top of, or maybe it’s the kitchen table that’s become your makeshift filing cabinet. Tackle your trouble spots first and sort out a system to avoid them becoming trouble spots again. You might need to invest in more wardrobe space or a new filing cabinet for the home office to help break the habits of clutter.


  1. Get storage savvy
    It’s time to reconsider your storage solutions around the house. Think Velcro, Tupperware and baskets. Bits and bobs that don’t have a designated space can quickly become clutter-fuel, making your house look untidy and messy. Tame the clutter by finding a spot for your miscellaneous items. If you’ve got young children, consider a lost and found basket for game pieces and toys so you know where to find them next time you need them.


  1. Multitask
    Make cleaning time more fun by playing some music while you do the laundry or talking on the phone while you clean the kitchen. By taking your mind off the task at hand, time will seem to fly by. Get the kids involved and make spring cleaning a bonding time by sorting through their clothes and toys and putting away anything they’re holding on to.