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Auckland is positioning itself as a rival to Monaco, according to a recent article in the New Zealand Herald.

The article points to the latest Wealth Report by global property consultancy Knight Frank, which ranks Auckland among the top cities in the world for high-net worth individuals to live, work and invest.

In terms of quality of life, Auckland ranks 12th in the world, behind the likes of Zurich and New York but ahead of Vienna, Amsterdam, Washington, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

Along with a rise in billionaires, Auckland’s high-end property prices have increased 12.7 per cent in the last year, the seventh-fastest rate in the world. The city is now also listed in the top 50 for overall property prices, putting in the same ball park as global cities such as London, Manhattan and Sydney and among resort getaways such as the British Virgin Islands and Monaco.

The New Zealand Herald says houses with sea views in Auckland currently sell for $10 million – and there’s a waiting list to buy them.

“What Auckland – and indeed, New Zealand – has to offer that is so sought-after by the well-off is privacy, space and a relaxed lifestyle that is hard to replicate anywhere else around the world,” the article states.

The Wealth Report estimates that by 2022 there will be a 33 per cent increase in the number of high-net worth individuals living in New Zealand. However, this could rise even higher if the Government has anything to do with it.

Auckland’s tourism bosses want the city to be top-of-the-list as a holiday spot for the well-to-do, and have been at the Monaco boat show trying to raise awareness of Auckland as a stopover for superyachts.

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