Renovating the bathroom is something many homeowners do before selling their house in a bid to make a larger return on their sale. But it’s not just property owners looking to sell who renovate their bathroom. First home buyers are often left to renovate the bathroom of the property as houses that are more affordable may not have the most updated facilities.

As one of the busiest rooms in the house, it’s important you don’t get the renovation wrong. Here are the most common bathroom renovation mistakes property owners make.

A DIY job

It might seem like the most affordable solution when you begin the renovation process, however, if you’re new to renovating, doing it yourself can actually end up costing you a lot more. Speak to professional builders, architects or renovators before you start lifting tiles. Hiring licensed tradespeople is also important when it comes to plumbing and electrical work which can be easily damaged.


Most people have a rough idea of what they want to achieve with their bathroom renovation, but many don’t sit down and plan the process out properly. Think about how you will use the space you have and what you need to change or fix to get the most out of your bathroom. Remember, the bathroom is used on a daily basis so consider its functionality carefully.


Windows are the easiest way to achieve ventilation in the bathroom, but not all bathrooms have a window or the space for one. Ventilation fans are necessary to dry excess condensation and moisture from the room to prevent the growth of mould.


Although the towel rack might look nice on the opposite side of the bathroom to the shower, it’s not as practical. Think about the spacing of the bathroom before you begin any work. You want to avoid having to move water pipes and drains around.

Removing the bathtub

This is a common mistake people make before trying to sell the house. One of the largest home buyer markets is the family. Family-friendly homes benefit from having a bath as couples with young children may require one.


Lighting that is too light or too dark can cause problems with shadows. Lighting might not seem like a big issue when you’re renovating, but consider the use and function it serves in the bathroom. Things like makeup will look much different in the mirror depending on the lighting you use.


An important step that should be considered in the planning phase, consistency is key. Consider the fixtures and fittings you’ll be using in the bathroom. If you’re going with a stainless steel finish, keep that theme throughout the entire room.


Waterproofing issues are one of the most common defects in bathrooms. Proper waterproofing prevents the growth of mould and damage caused by water. Ensure your bathroom is waterproof with an expert opinion.


It’s often something you think about when renovating the kitchen and the garage, but it’s also important to consider where you’re going to store all of your toiletries. Vanities are an easy fix but shower shelving is sometimes overlooked.


Asbestos issues

Prepare for the possibility of having to deal with asbestos. Many people assume that they won’t have to deal with asbestos during a bathroom renovation. Asbestos is commonly found in bathroom walls, floors and ceilings in homes built before 1984.