Moving internationally for work is a big deal. Not only are you relocating yourself, but your family and furry friends might be coming with you too. While moving is a combination of stressful and fun emotions for you, it can often be difficult for pets who haven’t travelled before.

Do your research

Before you start preparing your pet for the move, make sure it’s worth bringing your pet along with you in the first place. You’ll need to consider the pros and cons of bringing your pet with you. Your pet is going to need space in your new home so when you’re searching for a place to live, make sure it’s pet friendly. Find somewhere that’s not too far from veterinarians as well. If you’ve got a dog, try to find somewhere near open spaces like parks or the beach so they can get their daily exercise outdoors.

Prepare the necessary paperwork

Quarantine is a tricky issue because it is entirely dependent on the country you’re moving from and to, and whether or not you’re planning on returning. Pet quarantine exists as a means to protect a country’s natural environment and agriculture from potentially harmful pests and diseases. Make sure you’re aware of how to handle international pet quarantine before you book your pet’s plane ticket.

Let your new workplace know

Talk to your new colleagues and ask for their recommendations for the best dog parks in the area, or if there are cat social groups, or maybe even pet sitting services they know of. Asking around before you make the move can also make it easier to find a neighbourhood that is best suited to the furry members of your family.

Speak to your vet

Your vet is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to preparing your pet for travel. Get the most accurate information off your vet so you can take it to your new vet in your new neighbourhood. Your vet will also recommend the best way you can prepare your pet for travel which might first include vaccinations and crate training.

Put a plan in place

Now that you’ve done everything you can to prepare your pet for travel, it’s time to plan the process of your relocation. This means deciding on transport options and a detailed itinerary for your pet. Having a detailed plan will make it easier to manage the entire relocation process for your animal.

Speak to an expert

You wouldn’t trust just anyone to look after your pet, would you? Ensure your pet receives the best relocation service by speaking to the experts. Grace Mobility Specialists can help with your entire international assignment relocation, including the relocation of your pets. Let us assist you in creating an inclusive itinerary for your pet’s journey.