Moving warehouse is a large scale operation due to the equipment required to move the amount and type of inventory within them. Organisation is the key to a successful warehouse relocation project.

Here are five tips to keep in mind when relocating a warehouse:

  1. Assess your space
    Perform an in depth space analysis. Small changes in something as simple as racking can boost efficiencies and save your business hundreds to thousands per month in the long term. Organise your inventory so you have a clear idea of how much space you will need to store it all in your new warehouse. Your choice of racking and use of the space can allow you to grow if you take into consideration future product lines.
  1. Change your structure
    Change your structure to make sure fast moving items are more accessible, and slow moving items are located further away. Organise your current inventory and sort out what moves in and out the most. You’ll want these located where the majority of warehouse activity takes place.
  1. Approval
    If you are adding a mezzanine, make sure you get the appropriate approvals from local government authorities. Your business can be shut down if you do not comply with all regulations so check the council’s rules thoroughly and do not assume anything.
  1. Cost Analysis
    Perform an in depth cost analysis and understand your expenses and budgets early in the warehouse relocation project. Consider looking into leveraging your rent through third party logistics (3PLs).
  1. Be realistic
    Be realistic about the entire relocation project. Relocating a warehouse is a huge operation with many moving parts involved. Broken down, a warehouse relocation involves office moves, relocation of inventory, packing and unpacking and more. Don’t set unrealistic budgets and timelines and have them go unmet.

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