Before you settle on the idea of relocating overseas for work, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Moving overseas for a job can be a rewarding experience, but you have to work at it to make it so. Here are some points to help you make the decision to move abroad.

Choose a good employer

The type of opportunity you have overseas on assignment will depend somewhat on the employer you work for. Negotiate your contract to ensure fair compensation that covers your new cost of living. That’s going to require you researching how much rent, food, commuting and other everyday living expenses cost.

Understand the company culture

Different countries have different cultures and that’s reflected in their work environments. These cultural differences can look like longer work hours, later start times, different vacation calendars and different work-life balances. For example, you may currently receive 20 annual leave days a year, but in the USA, this could look more like 12.

Get on top of visa conditions

Depending on your type of work and which country you’ll be working in, you’ll have visa conditions to abide by. These conditions are set by the home country and are legally binding. The country you move to will also have its own laws regarding pay, superannuation, taxes and banking, so make sure you research these before signing on the dotted line.

Prepare for language barriers

Language barriers might not be as much of an issue in the office if you’re working with a global company, but it can make socialising and making friends outside of work more difficult. Language barriers can be easily overcome with practice and meeting people who are willing to help you navigate the lay of the land.

Living arrangements

Not only do you have to find yourself somewhere to live, you also need to work out how you’ll get around when you’re there. Will you be relying on public transport? If so, you might need to sign up for a commuter travel card. You might also need to look for a new school if the children are moving with you. These are things that should be finalised before you start your new job opportunity.

Grace Mobility are dedicated to developing your relocation plan, delivering outstanding services to employees moving overseas. Our consultative approach focuses on balancing all elements of the employee mobility equation, from school searches for the kids, to destination services to help you get settled in your new home. If you have any questions about your international assignment or if you need help finding somewhere to live, get in touch with your Grace Mobility Specialist.