The holiday season is a very popular time to move house, but does that make it the best time for you to relocate for an international assignment? We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of relocating overseas for work during the holiday season so you can make sure you make the right decision.


 Time off work/school

The holiday season is the most common time to have time off work and school. That means you probably won’t have to dig into your annual leave savings to complete a relocation or worry about continuing to work during the move.

Time to settle

If you’re relocating to a brand new city or country for work, doing so during the holiday season will give you time to explore your new home and settle in before returning to work. You’ll have time to brush up on your new language skills and immerse yourself in the new culture.

 New school year

If the children are relocating with you, they’ll benefit from starting a new school in a new school year. Although a lot of school institutions in the northern hemisphere enjoy shorter holidays at Christmas time and begin their new school year after the summer holidays, your children will be able to complete a full year in their current school before relocating.


It’s busy

There are always parties and end of year celebrations during the holiday season so you may not get the time to actually pack and move if you’re planning on doing everything yourself.

Popular time to move

Due to the popularity of relocating during the holiday season, many removals companies are hired out months in advance. You’ll need to arrange for your removalist as soon as you know about the relocation to secure the date you want.

Leaving friends and family

Leaving your social network of friends and family when relocating overseas for work is never easy, but it’s especially difficult during the holiday season when most are coming together.

Public holidays

When moving to a new city, you want to hit the ground running and immerse yourself in it. However, some cities celebrate their holidays with public holidays. This could make it more difficult for you to get around and get things done in your time off work as you’re trying to settle down.

Is relocating during the holiday season the best decision for you? Get in touch with your Grace Mobility Specialist for help relocating during the busy period and to discuss the options available to you.