While relocating overseas is an exciting time, it can also be a difficult one for international assignees. The holiday season is often spent surrounded by friends and family and leaving them behind during that time can make it more difficult to do so, not to mention the public holidays and shut down periods that can affect relocation logistics. Here are some tips to help relocate your assignees at Christmas.

Check the holiday dates

Countries can have public holidays at different times during the holiday season, depending on when they celebrate Christmas (if they do at all). Double check the dates that are public holidays as some services may be interrupted by them. These public holidays may also affect the prices of certain things, including flights.

Take advantage of shut down periods

While the office may be closed down during the holiday period, your relocating assignee will be able to spend more time settling into their new home and less time worrying about working. Be sure to help them with destination services designed to speed up the settling in process and avoid culture shock.

Family time

Celebrating the holidays is often best enjoyed with the support network of friends and family. If your relocating assignee is moving with their family, this gives them time to settle into their new home together. Encourage your relocating assignee to take the time to enjoy the holidays in their new home with their family.


With the holiday season comes many uncertainties around flights as these can be affected by weather and public holiday dates. While in the southern hemisphere, the end of the year is marked by extreme heat, in the northern it’s extreme cold, bringing ice and snow to the runways of major airports. It’s not only flights that can be affected though. Holiday seasons mean the closure of some stores and limited availability for some services.


Encourage assignees to stay in touch with family back home through technology. Also encourage them to take part in the local celebrations and customs to feel more settled in their new home. Engaging with the local culture is a great way to get to know their new home and meet people.

Grace Mobility Specialists act as a single point of coordination, providing a range of mobility, destination and relocation services to your relocating assignee. We’ll be there to support your team on their relocation during the holiday season.