Compared to the market of the past, potential employees now have far more power during their job hunt than employers do. Talent now chooses your company, making the search for your next employee much more difficult and time consuming than ever before.

You’ll need a recruitment marketing strategy

Now that potential employees are calling the shots, your company needs to focus on their recruitment marketing. This refers to the process of attracting and nurturing future employees using marketing tactics. Your company needs to appear far more attractive than the competition to attract the employees whose talents you require. How you do this depends on the employees you’re looking for.

Creating a talent pool

As recruitment marketing works to attract potential employees, it’s important to create a talent pool. Future predictions estimate that companies will begin to find it more time consuming and expensive to find qualified talent with the skills they require without an existing talent pool or database of potential job candidates they can choose from.

Relationship management

Managing and improving the relationship with current and future potential employees is fast becoming one of the most important recruitment trends. It’s one of the fastest growing ways to attract potential talent and keep them interested, adding to your database. Relationship management also extends to your current employees who will share reviews of your business with others which affects your brand awareness in the market.

Employer branding and reputation

The way your company looks in the eyes of potential employees is also going to become more important with the power in the talent’s hands. Your reputation with current and past employees will affect the choice potential candidates make as they are more likely than ever to research your brand and company reputation before applying for a role. How you appear online is a crucial step in attracting job seekers.

Technological advancements taking affect

Recruitment automation tools will have more of a stronghold in the process of hiring talent in 2019. The automation software that has been introduced to the recruiting process will go beyond tracking data and marketing. The new tools available will help find, attract, engage, nurture and convert potential employees into applications. The streamlined process makes it faster and much more efficient to recruit employees.