Moving with pets

Pets make great companions, but sometimes they struggle to understand the boundaries we set in our homes. Jumping up on the table for a tasty treat off your plate and running mud through the house are forgivable acts but would you feel the same way about the cat scratching your antique lounge? What if your dog licked your priceless painting?

It’s easy to think that the only solution is to simply not invest in fine art, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

How to protect your fine art and antiques

Hairy problems

To protect your antiques from fur, especially furniture, use throws or blankets to protect the material. Remember to air these out regularly as antique fabric needs to breathe to avoid unpleasant smells. Regularly groom your dog to ensure minimal hair fall around the house. This, along with regular cleaning and vacuuming will help prevent the build-up of dust that can collect on your antiques and art.

Claws and scratches

Cats and dogs might be soft and fluffy, but their nails certainly aren’t. For that reason, invest in covers that prevent your pets from coming into contact with the actual fabric or material of your antiques. For a piece of furniture, it might be a thick sheet of plastic, and for crockery, a glass cabinet to store them in.

Toilet trouble

Although you’ve taken the time to toilet train your pets, accidents can still happen. Keep art hung high enough and cover what you can so that your pets can’t use them as their bathroom. Consider moving your antique sculptures higher off the ground and draping other arts with protective covers. You might also want to consider keeping your more valuable art and antiques in a room that your pets cannot access.

Secure storage

Sometimes it’s easier and safer to avoid any chances of your pets getting their paws on your fine arts and antiques. Instead of risking it, opt for a secure fine art storage solution. Grace has fine art storage vaults across Australia, offering the highest quality protection for your fine art pieces. Whether you’re storing a large sculpture, or a small painting, Grace has a tailored storage solution for you.

Start protecting your fine art and antiques and contact Grace Fine Art today.