Dolls are a delicate collector’s item that need to be treated and handled with care. If you’re serious about protecting and preserving your dolls, keeping them shut away in the back of a wardrobe isn’t going to cut it. Whether you’re investing in dolls for their monetary value or you have a fondness of them, there are many factors you need to take in to consideration regarding their preservation.

Keep dust away

Dust can do all sorts of damage to the colour of your doll’s cloth. If you don’t want to store your dolls in a closed wardrobe or cabinet, be sure to dust them regularly. Failing to do so will lead to the dust eventually settling and turning whites to yellows. If you do store your dolls in an enclosed cabinet, they will still require dusting to be safe.

Avoid natural lighting

UV rays do harmful things to our skin so naturally they’ll do harmful things to that of your doll. Sunlight will make colours fade overtime so try and store your dolls out of direct sunlight. Direct lighting also generates heat and extreme heat can degrade dolls. If you live somewhere that is affected by extreme heatwaves and sunshine, avoid storing your dolls in air tight containers. Heat can cause them to sweat and grow mould and can also damage your doll’s composition.

Florescent lights are bad too

Don’t assume it’s safe to store your dolls under florescent lights either! They’re damaging to dolls, especially vinyl dolls which may discolour overtime. To avoid fading or discolouration, opt for incandescent lighting and avoid sitting your dolls within direct line of the light so the heat doesn’t affect them.

No smoking

Smoking next to or in the vicinity of your dolls will cause discolouration over time. Dolls also absorb the smell of cigarette smoke and the odour is very hard to remove. Avoid smoking in the room your dolls are stored in, and if possible, the house as odours can travel.

Watch your pets

Pets love playing with toys, especially cats and dogs, and nothing looks more like a fun game of tug-of-war than your doll. Place your dolls out of reach of your pets and behind cabinet doors to ensure they don’t become your pet’s new favourite chew toy.

If your dolls are an investment or you simply care for them, store them in one of Grace’s secure fine art storage facilities. The Grace Fine Art team craft tailored storage solutions to suit your art or antiques to ensure they’re preserved in their current condition. Our climate and humidity controlled storage facilities offer security from all risks.

For more information on what we can do to help protect your dolls, contact us.