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Our extensive range of packing materials

When you’re gearing up to move or store your things during a renovation, there are several staples you should stock up on before you start. Packing materials come in all shapes and sizes, each serving a specific function to help you move or store your things safely and securely. Knowing your items are packed and labelled properly to maximise the efficiency of your move will let you breathe easy.

The use of high quality packing materials means that your goods are safely prepared for the move.
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Type of packing solution
MicrosoftTeams image 94 178x300 1
Transit Pac 46 x 46 x 73cm
MicrosoftTeams image 97 186x300 1
Art Pac 95 x 90 x 80cm
MicrosoftTeams image 95 220x300 1
Port-A-Robe 57 x 56 x 100cm
MicrosoftTeams image 93 297x300 1
Wine Pac 49 x 16 x 32cm
MicrosoftTeams image 92 poqatifcnk0u1sfszvvq3lt7eoqw4ji2oqt1w09neg
Book Pac 47 x 30 x 35cm
MicrosoftTeams image 96 poqau4zh7kvpsfj1c5mrrg49nxnp99zmrugpenc794
Flat Clothing Pac 92 x 46 x 31cm
MicrosoftTeams image 99 poqaukyp7wpq4e2do0cpuv2r3zpii9ij7qgmfwq9bs
Lamp Pac 62 x 52 x 42cm
MicrosoftTeams image 98 poqauh7cgkkkty7u9yq7kw0wqg81nh3lv7uoisvu0o
Golf Pac 45 x 155 x 30cm
MicrosoftTeams image 91 poqatdq4hj2jabt6ohnvo5zjs9mmo6qvpsgad6ida0
Custom Art Crate
MicrosoftTeams image 109 poqartbt3gxbxq33tta9ik7w55clucizi1b5kktznc
Small Air Pack 95 x 75 x 49cm
MicrosoftTeams image 108 poqashrmn38pwaibwixx3vk1wwvv3eu9wjtg3zsvnc
Safe Spot Carton 40 x 30 x 43cm
MicrosoftTeams image 107 poqasa8wihkhqpej30ljrfy6u317owe5kd1w7k4wjc
Insulated Wine Pac 40 x 30 x 43cm
MicrosoftTeams image 106 300x261 1
MicrosoftTeams image 105 300x260 1
Flat Screen TV Carton Flexible Sizes
MicrosoftTeams image 101 poqast1qqvtyhqa46x3ib9840rzeqkxuvkaa1z9j20
Standard Bike Carton 170 x 21 x 103cm
MicrosoftTeams image 100 273x300 1
Mountain Bike Carton 180 x 30 x 80cm
MicrosoftTeams image 102 poqat0kg9k492lz6z0civ7bsruycg5rpkli5w6ydo8
MicrosoftTeams image 103 293x300 1
Pro Bike Case 160 x 55 x 85cm

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