Packing up your garage or shed is usually the last thing you get to when moving house, and they’re some of the hardest to pack.

The problem is that garages and sheds contain everything and anything, from gardening equipment and sporting equipment to tools, and countless other objects you probably don’t remember keeping.

Before you can even start packing, one of the first jobs is to go through everything in the garage or shed to determine exactly what is in there. If there is an odd screw or Allen key and you have no idea what they belong to, toss it.

While all garages contain different things, below is a list of common items and the best ways to pack them.

Gardening equipment

  • Drain the petrol from lawnmowers, chain saws and whipper snippers (remember to do it in an environmentally friendly manner. Speak to your local council for advice).
  • Remove caked dirt and mud from garden tools as this might damage other items in the moving van.
  • If you are packing any knives, gardening sheers, or any other tools with a sharp blade, be sure to protect the sharp edge with old rags or bubble wrap, and mark the box accordingly.
  • Secure your long-handled garden tools together in bundles using twine or rope.

Tools and Hardware

  • As with your garden tools, use bubble wrap and old rags as protection against sharp edges and blades. All boxes containing sharp-edged tools should be clearly labelled.
  • To transport tools, collect all tools of the same length and secure these together using rope or cable ties. Small tools can be kept in a toolbox but large tools should be packed securely in a strong box. Don’t put too many heavy tools in one box, since it may be heavier than you expected. Grace’s book boxes are the ideal size and perfect for these heavy items.
  • For electric power tools, remove all attachments. It might be worthwhile to purchase protective covers for chainsaws and lawn mower blades.
  • Hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, etc.) should be kept in a coffee jar or zip lock sandwich bags.

Outdoor items

  • Remove the chair cushions from your outdoor setting and pack them in garbage bags.
  • Clean your outdoor umbrella, tie it shut, and wrap it in paper or plastic.
  • Swing sets and other outdoor play equipment needs to be disassembled. Take photographs before you take them apart, so you know how the reassembled items should look.


  • Grace Removals has specially designed bike boxes to protect your bike during the move.

Hazardous goods

  • Grace will not carry or store hazardous goods. Speak to your local council or waste management company on how best to dispose of cleaning solvents, liquid chlorine, poisonous, toxic, flammable or corrosive liquids, paint strippers, petrol, gas, pool chemicals, paint, kerosene, turpentine, methylated spirits, weed killers and other hazardous items

LPG Gas Cylinders

  • For your safety, Grace recommends that you have your LPG Gas Cylinder emptied at a qualified LPG gas outlet. Check local print or online directories for a service station, hardware or camping store near you.

It’s also a good idea to notify your Grace moving consultant of any large and bulky items including dog kennels, trampolines, canoes or kayaks and large barbecues.

Remember, don’t leave the packing of the garage until the last minute, it may take longer than you think!