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Although you want to showcase your fine art by hanging it on the wall, sometimes circumstances require you to pack and move paintings. Whether you’re renovating the house or you’re moving home, your painting may need to be placed into storage or packed for transport, two risky circumstances you hadn’t planned on.

Fine art is delicate and is therefore more fragile to move about. Here are some how to’s to keep your paintings safe and protected from damage during transit and while in storage.

How to pack a painting

Handling a painting requires a lot of care and precision to avoid causing any damage to the work.

Wrap and protect
Before you start moving your painting around, you’ll need to wrap and protect it. Wrapping your painting will protect it from damage caused by misplaced fingers, stains, chemicals and materials. It’ll also protect your art from smudges, tears, breakages and environmental conditions such as heat and dampness.

Crate your painting
Crates are specially made moving boxes that are designed to protect your paintings while in transit and on the move. Crates can be custom made to fit your painting snugly, protecting it from any movement within the box. Also, you should only pack one painting per crate, as paintings can damage each other when touching inside a box.

Pack your painting
Now that your painting is wrapped and protected, it’s time to load it into your moving vehicle for transportation. Position your painting in your vehicle in such a way that it doesn’t move or slide around. Vans are a great vehicle of choice as they provide enough space around a painting to prevent damage yet they’re small enough to prevent sliding.

How to store a painting

Although it might be easier to wrap your painting in a blanket and place it in the garage, it’s not the best way to store your art.

Find the best location
Before you can place your art into storage, you’ll need to find an appropriate space. A secure storage facility with extra security measures such as temperature and humidity control will be best. A storage facility should not be damp or easily heated as this can cause irreversible damage to your artwork.

Protect your painting
Always use a box, crate or padding to protect your art from any damage while in storage. Cover your artwork completely to avoid any dust and dirt from collecting on the surface and discolouring the paint work.

Avoid risks
Direct sunlight and direct heat can cause irreversible damage to your paintings. Keep your art stored in a dark, dry environment away from these risks. UV light can filter through windows so it’s always best to store your paintings away from them. You’ll also need to consider security risks such as theft and store your art in a locked and secured room.

Keeping your painting safe from damage and risks isn’t easy and requires a lot of forward thinking and consideration. Instead of risking the longevity of your art, call in the professionals at Grace Fine Art. Our team of fine art experts provide quality solutions to keep your art in safe hands. For a professional white glove packing, transit and storage service, get in touch with us.