Open plan office

Office space is beginning to play more of an integral role in the success of a business and the retention of its staff as new technologies and trends continue to change the shape of the modern office around the world. New and exciting office designs are now lead by innovation and driven by businesses desiring to promote the wellbeing of their staff and shine a spotlight on their happiness. We take a look at what’s expected to change in 2019.

Focus on green

Many businesses are making it a priority to focus on their carbon footprint and introduce more environmentally sustainable approaches to their office spaces. Whether this includes the introduction of plants, solar power, reusable furniture or recycling bins, they’re making an effort to make a difference. The younger demographic of workers around the world, commonly known as the Millennials, are more often looking for an employer is mindful of their impact on the local environment which can be incorporated into the office design.


Businesses will now focus on the goal to priorities employee experience at work by incorporating space optimisation into their office design. This will be achieved through an overall wellness development, cultivating happiness, community-building and boosting morale. Some of the features include massage therapy, meditation areas, yoga classes, relaxation rooms, a games room, rock climbing walls and espresso bars.


Co-working spaces are already booming in 2018 but these spaces will evolve in 2019 and beyond, allowing companies to share the same space, resources, and sometimes even talent. The open format has the goal of maximising collaboration, creativity, flexibility, and promoting innovative ideas. This style of open planning is designed to attract Millennials using features such as open plan office design, lots of glass, technology resource areas, coffee and espresso bars and lightweight, portable furniture.

Increasingly technological

The trends of the 2019 office look to bring us more technological tools that allow us to hold virtual meetings from anywhere in the world. Technology is becoming more and more integrated into office furniture and the work environment. Technological elements need to be adapted to the work a business conducts in order to help increase multinational and flexible work.

Comfort and durability

Employees are beginning to expect a level of comfort from their workspaces however, businesses are being more money conscious when it comes to buying furniture. By spending a little more on high quality furniture now, businesses invest in their future, saving money in the long run by providing comfortable pieces of office furniture that stand the test of time.

Outdoor elements

Brining the outdoors into the office is a growing trend that many companies around the world have already chosen to embrace. The incorporation of not just plants but wood, grain, stones and similar materials provides a unique design element with textures. It provides a luxurious feel towards the space that is also more environmentally friendly.

If your company is thinking of improving its office space, it’s going to take more than a coffee and espresso bar. In 2019, offices will continue to target the younger workforce with open plan office designs, a focus on sustainability and a commitment to employee experience and wellbeing. When you’re ready to furnish or relocate your office, get in touch with Grace Business Services.