office relocation

Managing a commercial relocation without blowing the budget can be a challenge. The variables are complex and dealing with costs that arise from seemingly nowhere is stressful to say the least. However, we have a few tricks to help you complete an office relocation without overspending.

Plan the budget

Putting together an accurate budget before the move is easily one of the most difficult things to do. It can be hard to put together a budget without professional help. Gaining holistic knowledge of every activity involved in the move provides a firm basis to put together a more accurate budget. Addressing the following questions can help:

  • How many staff are moving?
  • What operations need to be maintained during the move?
  • What equipment, files and furniture need relocating?
  • What will you do with the items you aren’t relocating?
  • What restrictions influence the project (think about the elevator access and staff needs)?
  • When do you need to complete the move by?
  • Are you able to manage and complete the move on your own?

Plan the actual move

If there’s anything that’s essential to completing a commercial relocation within budget, it’s planning. The earlier you begin your project planning, the better. Not only does it enable you to forecast your costs accurately, it also allows you to consider potential cost savings. It’s almost impossible to put together an accurate and comprehensive office relocation project plan without prior experience and knowledge in the field. Talk to Grace about our move management services to support your relocation project.

Reuse or resell equipment and furniture

Office furniture and equipment proves to be one of the biggest expenses of a commercial relocation project. The costs of buying new equipment and furniture can quickly add up. If you can’t simply reuse the furniture and equipment you already have, resell it. To cut down on the costs of relocating all of your office furniture or redundant equipment, donating unused quality furniture is a great way to score points in the corporate social responsibility category. Reducing waste is also a great way to do your part for the community and environment.

Trust Grace Business Services

Stick to your budget and trust Grace Business Services to relocate your business. Our tailored office relocation solutions incorporate one of the largest logistics networks across Australia and New Zealand. We offer a range of commercial relocation and FF&E solutions specifically tailored to our client’s needs. By utilising our extensive experience, operating in various company environments over the past 100 years, we can handle everything from relocation and installations to warehousing and storage. Let our dedicated project managers complete your relocation on time and within budget.