With housing pressures spreading throughout the city of Auckland, there are plans to set up a completely new city to the south of Auckland.

The new city is planned on farmland in Paerata and will provide housing for 500,000 people.

The plans were presented at an Infrastructure New Zealand conference in October and the new Labour government has already shown interest.

The current government’s KiwiBuild policy will see the construction of 100,000 affordable houses across the country with 50 per cent of them in Auckland. Other points of interest in the policy include a ban on foreign speculators from buying existing homes in the country and a tax on property speculators which will be extended from two to five years and create a level playing field for first home buyers.

The city will be connected to Auckland on the existing rail connection, that would need to be electrified to the CBD for ease of commute.

In terms of the housing that will be used, prefabricated housing looks to be the most likely solution.

The plan for growth fits in nicely with Labour’s policy for creating more affordable living options.

There is expected to be growth of an additional one million people in Auckland by 2050. The plan in Paerata will see tens of thousands of houses completed by the same year, all within half an hour of central Auckland.

For more information on the Labour government’s building policies and proposed changes, visit the housing website here.